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All parameters in the data-quality.properties and audit.properties files are set by default during the installation of Talend Dictionary Service by Talend Installer. You can customize them according to your installation environment.

For further information about installing and configuring Talend Dictionary Service, see Talend Installation Guides.

Configurable data-quality.properties parameters

Parameter Description
spring.cloud.stream.kafka.binder.brokers Kafka server host
spring.cloud.stream.kafka.binder.defaultBrokerPort Kafka server port
spring.cloud.stream.kafka.binder.zkNodes Zookeeper server host
spring.cloud.stream.kafka.binder.defaultZkPort Zookeeper server port



Target destinations of the channels on Kafka



Consumer groups of the channels
spring.data.mongodb.host MongoDB server host
spring.data.mongodb.port MongoDB server port
spring.data.mongodb.username MongoDB dictionary server user name
spring.data.mongodb.password MongoDB dictionary server password

Password is encrypted upon startup

spring.data.mongodb.database Dictionary server database name
spring.data.mongodb.uri URI of the MongoDB instance to connect to

If you connect to the MongoDB instance via a URI, the following parameters must be commented out: spring.data.mongodb.host, spring.data.mongodb.port, spring.data.mongodb.username, spring.data.mongodb.password, spring.data.mongodb.database

Note: This configuration parameter is available only if you have installed the TPS-4354 patch delivered by Talend. For more information, check with your administrator.
spring.data.mongodb.ssl Default value is false, put to true if you need to use the Secure Socket Layer protocol with MongoDB
spring.data.mongodb.ssl.trust-store Trust store location
spring.data.mongodb.ssl.trust-store-password Trust store password

Password is encrypted upon startup

logging.level.org.talend Default logging levels for the org.talend package. The levels are TRACE, DEBUG, INFO, WARN,ERROR and FATAL
spring.cloud.stream.kafka.binder.configuration.security.protocol Kafka security protocol

Default value is PLAINTEXT, put to SSL if you want to use a secured connection

spring.cloud.stream.kafka.binder.configuration.ssl.truststore.location Kafka trust store location
spring.cloud.stream.kafka.binder.configuration.ssl.truststore.password Kafka trust store password

Password is encrypted upon startup

spring.cloud.stream.kafka.binder.configuration.ssl.keystore.location Kafka key store location
spring.cloud.stream.kafka.binder.configuration.ssl.keystore.password Kafka key store password

Password is encrypted upon startup

spring.cloud.stream.kafka.binder.configuration.ssl.key.password Kafka key password

Password is encrypted upon startup

spring.cloud.stream.kafka.binder.configuration.ssl.endpoint.identification.algorithm Kafka endpoint

Empty by default, put to HTTP to enable the server host name verification, or leave it empty to disable the verification

tdq.security Technical parameter, should not be modified unless requested by Talend support

Authentication mode of the dictionary server

Default value is iam, put to NONE to change the authentication mode

oidc.url OIDC server URL
scim.url SCIM server URL
oidc.semanticservice.id Technical parameter, should not be modified unless requested by Talend support

OIDC application identifier

oidc.semanticservice.secret Technical parameter, should not be modified unless requested by Talend support

OIDC application password

Password is encrypted upon startup













Technical parameters, should not be modified unless requested by Talend support

Parameters which enable the connection to the OIDC and SCIM services



Maximum file size you can upload to the dictionary server, and the maximum request size the server can handle
audit.log.enabled Default value is true, set it to false if you want to disable the audit capability in Talend Dictionary Service.
talend.logging.audit.config Path to the audit logging configuration file
tsd.enabled Set the value of this parameter to true in order to enable the interaction between Talend Data Preparation and/or Talend Data Stewardshipand Talend Dictionary Service
tsd.maven.connector.s3Repository.bucket-url Enter the URL of your MinIO or S3 repository bucket.

For example: s3://talend-app-shared.

tsd.maven.connector.s3Repository.base-path Enter the base path of your MinIO or S3 repository. This property is optional and can be left empty.

For example: semantic-types-repository.

tsd.maven.connector.s3Repository.username Enter the username of your MinIO or S3 repository.

For example: username123.

tsd.maven.connector.s3Repository.password Enter the password of your MinIO or S3 repository.

For example: password123.

tsd.maven.connector.s3Repository.s3.region Enter the region of your MinIO or S3 repository.

For example: us-east-1.

tsd.maven.connector.s3Repository.s3.endpoint Enter the URL of your MinIO or S3 repository server.

For example: https://minio-company.com.

tsd.dictionary-provider-facade.producer-url Enter the URL to your Talend Dictionary Service instance.
spring.cloud.stream.kafka.binder.brokers Enter the host corresponding to your Kafka broker.

Configurable audit.properties parameters

Parameter Description
root.logger Category of the events to be logged
application.name Name of the application which logs audit events
service.name Name of the service within the application which logs audit events
instance.name Service instance name
propagate.appender.exceptions Defines behaviour of API calls if one or more appenders could not process the event

Authorized values: none, all

log.appender Log appender type.

You can add a comma-separated list of values to use multiple appenders simultaneously.

Authorized values: socket, file, console, http




File appender configuration parameters: path to the audit log if written to a file, the maximum allowed size for the audit log file, the number of backups of the log.


HTTP appender configuration parameters