Defining the output stream - Cloud - 8.0


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  1. Double-click tFileOutputDelimited to open its Component view.
  2. Select the Use output stream check box to write the data to be outputted into a given output stream.
  3. In the Output stream field, enter the code to define the output stream you need to write data in. In this scenario, it is the output stream of the tDropboxPut_1 component linked with the current component. Thus the code used to write the data reads as follows:(("tDropboxPut_1_OUTPUTSTREAM"))
    Note that in this example code, the tDropboxPut component has the number 1 as its affix, which represents its component ID distributed automatically within this Job. If the tDropboxPut component you are using has a different ID, you need to adapt the code to that ID number.
  4. Click Edit schema to verify that the schema of this component is identical with that of the preceding tFixedFlowInput component. If not so, click the Sync columns button to make both of the schemas identical.
  5. Navigate to the Advanced settings tab.
  6. Mark the Custom the flush buffer size check box. This automatically adds 1 in the Row number field.