Error when installing a patch with CI builder - 8.0

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Troubleshooting: error when installing a patch with Talend CI builder

When you apply a patch to Talend Studio using Talend CI Builder, by default, the temporary directory of the operating system is used for extracting the patch. The extraction of the patch requires more than one gigabyte of the temporary space. The default directory cannot be changed using a Maven parameter. You can change the directory via either of the following ways:

  • adding the -Djvm.arguments parameter at build time, for example,

    For more information about the -Djvm.arguments parameter, see CI builder-related Maven parameters.

  • creating the _JAVA_OPTIONS environment variable with the JVM parameter, for example,<folder-path>

The parameter will be applied by the JVM for all Java applications started. When Talend CI builder starts Talend Studio, Talend Studio inherits the settings.