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The commands within the feature: scope are used to provide support for Karaf features, which are predefined collections of bundles used to implement specific services.

feature Scope commands
Command Parameters Description
feature:info [options] name [version] Shows information about selected feature.
feature:install [options] feature Installs a feature with the specified name and version.
feature:list [options] Lists all existing features available from the defined repositories.
feature:regions [options] [regions] Prints information about region digraph. Where regions are regions to provide detailed info for.
feature:repo-add [options] name/url [version] Adds a features repository. Where:
  • name/url is the shortcut name of the features repository or the full URL,
  • version is the version of the features repository if using features repository name as first argument. It should be empty if using the URL
feature:repo-list [options] Displays a list of all defined repositories.
feature:repo-refresh [Feature name or uri] [Feature version] Refresh a features repository. Where:
  • Feature name or uri is a shortcut name of the feature repository or the full URI
  • Feature version is the version of the feature if using the feature name. Should be empty if using the uri
feature:repo-remove [options] repository Removes the specified repository features service.
feature:requirement-add [options] requirements Adds provisioning requirements.
feature:requirement-list [options] Lists provisioning requirements.
feature:requirement-remove [options] requirements Removes provisioning requirements.
feature:start [options] feature Starts features with the specified name and version.
feature:stop [options] feature Stops features with the specified name and version.
feature:uninstall [options] features Uninstalls a feature with the specified name and version.
feature:version-list [options] feature Lists all versions of a feature available from the currently available repositories.