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Within the Karaf console, you can perform a shutdown using the Ctrl+D keys or the following logout command.

Within the Karaf console, to perform a clean shutdown of Karaf, use the system:shutdown command, with an optional -f (force) flag to avoid a yes/no confirmation.

Furthermore, from a command shell, you can run bin\stop.bat (Windows) or bin/stop (Linux).

For more advanced functionality, it is also possible to delay the shutdown using time arguments. The time arguments can have different formats:

  • absolute time format hh:mm, in which hh is the hour (1 or 2 digits) and mm is the minute of the hour (in two digits).

    For example, the following command will shutdown Karaf at 10:35am:

    system:shutdown 10:35
  • duration format +m, in which m is the number of minutes to wait. The argument now is an alias for +0.

    For example, the following command will shutdown Karaf in 10 minutes:

    system:shutdown +10