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The url parameter is one of the main parameters. In the configuration files, the url parameter defines the list of matching client endpoints for which the contained configuration parameters are applied. (The client endpoint address is retrieved using HTTPConduit.getAddress()).

url may be a full endpoint address or may be a regular expression containing wild cards - for example:
  • .* matches all endpoints,

  • https.* matches all client addresses starting with "https".

  • https://localhost.* matches all client addresses starting with "https" only at localhost.

Note the org.apache.cxf.http.conduits-common.cfg file above restricts access to local servers, as the configuration points to a keystore with certificates suitable for the Talend samples. This keystore does not contain the required root certificates from the public certification authorities for public servers, such as Salesforce servers, which are in the standard Java keystore.
All parameters contained in all matching configuration files are collected:
  1. in the order defined by the order parameter (see the table in the order parameter),

  2. then by an exact match,

  3. then by a configuration with a matching conduit bean name.

If a parameter is defined in multiple matching configuration files, then the last parameter definition found is the one that is used.