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The Karaf client allows you to securely connect to a remote Karaf instance without having to launch a Karaf instance locally.

For example, to quickly connect to a Karaf instance running in server mode on the same machine, run the following command from the karaf-install-dir directory: bin/client. More usually, you would provide a hostname, port, username and password to connect to a remote instance. And, if you were using the client within a larger script, you could append console commands as follows:

bin/client -a 8101 -h hostname -u tadmin -p tadmin feature:install wrapper

To display the available options for the client, type:

> bin/client --help
Apache Karaf client
  -a [port]     specify the port to connect to
  -h [host]     specify the host to connect to
  -u [user]     specify the user name
  -p [password] specify the password
  --help        shows this help message
  -v            raise verbosity
  -r [attempts] retry connection establishment (up to attempts times)
  -d [delay]    intra-retry delay (defaults to 2 seconds)
  [commands]    commands to run
If no commands are specified, the client will be put in an interactive mode