Deploying the WSP to Tomcat (WAR archive) - 8.0

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Make sure you've configured Tomcat and Maven as discussed in Download Tomcat 7.x (optional) and Download Maven 3, and that you've updated the soap:address element in the WSDL as discussed in Creating the WSDL. If so, starting Tomcat and running mvn tomcat7:redeploy from the project root folder should deploy the web service provider onto Tomcat. As a check to make sure the WSP has loaded successfully, make sure you can view the WSDL from a browser at http://localhost:8080/doubleit/services/doubleit?wsdl before running the client. If it cannot be viewed, check the Tomcat logs (logs/catalina.out is usually the most helpful) for error messages to help with troubleshooting.