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Design and Development

Welcome to Talend ESB! This document looks at best practices in developing with Talend ESB, in particular using Eclipse and Maven as development tools.

While development with the Eclipse IDE is covered within this guide, note the Eclipse-based Talend Studio can also be used instead, as it already includes the development components we'll be configuring below.

Different types of web services (JAX-WS and JAX-RS based) will be covered in Web Services, and then we'll explore Camel development in Camel Routes Overview. Finally, developing with Talend ESB specific services such as Service Activity Monitoring and the Service Locator is covered in Talend ESB Services Overview.

In this chapter we'll look in detail at installing our Eclipse development environment along with associated tools for development of web services and Camel routes. Note, if you're already working with the pre-configured Talend Studio, this process can be skipped.

The following sections in this chapter give details of the software needed.