Install Maven2Eclipse (m2e) Plugin (optional) - 8.0

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Maven commands such as mvn clean install (to build projects) and mvn eclipse:eclipse (to create Eclipse projects from them) can easily be run from a command line window, leaving Eclipse just for software code editing. However, many prefer running Maven commands in a graphical fashion within Eclipse for which the m2e plugin was created. The Talend Studio already includes this plugin. Otherwise, for your own Eclipse IDE, an easy way to install m2e is using the Eclipse Marketplace, available from the Eclipse menu item "Help | Eclipse Marketplace..." option after you start the IDE. Once the Marketplace popup window appears, search on "m2e" and select "Maven Integration for Eclipse". Then choose install and restart your IDE. m2e will now be available and can be seen by selecting "File->New->Other":

By default Eclipse's embedded Maven is used. However, it's recommended to use the external Maven you downloaded and installed in the previous step. Open Main Menu "Window -> Preferences -> Maven -> Installations" to change the default setting:

Click Add, specify the path of where you installed Maven, and click Ok