Service Locator installation as an OSGi bundle - 8.0

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  1. You first need to start the Talend Runtime Container and start the Service Locator feature via the tesb:start-locator. For more information on how to start them, see the Talend ESB Infrastructure Services Configuration Guide.
  2. Once the Service Locator feature started, a container/etc/org.talend.esb.locator.server.cfg configuration file is created. It is the Talend ESB equivalent to the Zookeeper zoo.cfg configuration file.
    Edit it and change the settings as follows:
    • The tickTime refers to the basic unit of time measurement used by ZooKeeper, used for later configuration of timeouts and other parameters.

    • The dataDir holds database snapshots and transaction logs. Check the ZooKeeper Administration Manual for information on all possible parameters.

    • The clientPort number should be same as the endpointPrefix defined in LocatorFeature above.

  3. The ZooKeeper AdminServer is disabled by default with JVM parameters. To enable this feature, edit <TalendRuntimePath>/bin/setenv or <TalendRuntimePath>/addbin/setenv.bat as follows and set the proper available port.
    -Dzookeeper.admin.enableServer=true Dzookeeper.admin.serverPort=<AVAILABLE PORT>
    For more information on the ZooKeeper AdminServer, see the ZooKeeper AdminServer configuration.
  4. Restart the Container.