Configuring database-based storage in Apache Jackrabbit - 8.0

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The content repository used for the backend of the Service Registry, XACML, Auxiliary Storage, and Provisioning Service features can be configured to use a database as backend separately for versioning and the repository itself. By default, an embedded Apache Derby DB is configured.

The configuration for the Jackrabbit backend is located in:

  • container/system/org/talend/esb/registry/registry-server/<version>/registry-server-<version>-org.talend.esb.registry.repo.xml for the Service Registry

  • container/system/org/talend/esb/authorization/xacml/registry/server/<version>server-<version>-org.talend.esb.authorization.repo.xml for XACML

  • container/system/org/talend/esb/auxiliary/storage/auxiliary-storage-persistence-jcr/<version>/auxiliary-storage-persistence-jcr-<version>-org.talend.esb.auxiliary.repo.xml for Auxiliary Storage

  • container/system/org/talend/esb/provisioning/provisioning-server/<version>/provisioning-server-<version>-org.talend.esb.provisioning.repo.xml for Provisioning Service

A default configuration is created during the first use of each of the four features, if there is no configuration in place. By default, it uses Apache Derby and the file system as persistent store. For more information about the Jackrabbit PersistenceManager, see