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About this task

To manage authorization rights of users already authenticated, you must assign them a group.

From the main menu of the Syncope console, open the Realms page and click Group to display the list of groups.

When you access Syncope for the first time, no group is found.


  1. To create a new group, click the [+] button on the lower-right corner of this tab. to the left of the page. A New Group dialog box appears.
  2. In the Name field, type in the name of the group. Click Next.


  3. Keep the default settings of the other options and click Next and then Finish to create the new group.
    You can create as many groups as needed.
    Warning: Existing Talend ESB users, note that we now use Syncope Groups where we used Syncope Roles in previous versions of the Talend ESB and Apache Syncope. With the new Major version of Syncope and the way we use it with Talend ESB this is the more appropriate way. The Talend ESB Authorization page in Talend Administration Center and the remaining documentation on the ESB Authorization still uses the term Roles by this in the ESB use case the term Groups and Roles is used currently for the same purpose.