Deploying the STS into a Servlet Container (Tomcat) - 8.0

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Warning: For production use, the sample keys used here will need to be replaced with your project's own keys, usually signed by a third-party CA.

To enable Security Token Service using a servlet container (here Tomcat is used as an example), follow the below steps:


  1. Extract the <TalendRuntimePath>/add-ons/sts/SecurityTokenService.war file and replace the stsstore.jks STS sample keystore/truststore with your own keystore. Alter the file with any different configuration information based on your new keystore. Recompress the extracted WAR into a new WAR file.
  2. Deploy the new WAR file created in the previous step into the Tomcat container.
  3. Start Tomcat and open a browser with the follow url: http://{tomcat}host:port/SecurityTokenService/. You will see several Security Token Service available, such as Username Token service (UT), X.509 Token service, and so on.
  4. Enter URL: http://{tomcat host}:port/SecurityTokenService/UT?wsdl, the displayed WSDL file will describe the details about the Security Token Service.