Deploying the STS into the Talend Runtime Container - 8.0

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Warning: For production use, the sample keys used here will need to be replaced with your project's own keys, usually signed by a third-party CA.

To enable Security Token Service in the Talend Runtime, you need to deploy it into a Talend Runtime Container:


  1. Replace the STS' sample keystore/truststore called stsstore.jks located in the <TalendRuntimePath>/container/etc/keystores folder with your own keystore. See Security Token Service Configuration for more information.
  2. cd <TalendRuntimePath>/container/bin directory, enter trun to start Talend Runtime, a Talend Runtime Container(Karaf) console window will open.
  3. In the console, type tesb:start-sts to install the Security Token Service feature. Or type feature:install tesb-sts if you are using a generic Karaf container instead of Talend Runtime
  4. Type list | grep STS in the console. You should see the following output:
    ID      State      Blueprint  Spring     Level  Name
    [ 203] [Active ]   [        ] [started ] [ 60]  Apache CXF STS Core (2.5.0)
    Fragments: 204
    [ 204] [Resolved ] [        ] [        ] [ 60]  Talend :: ESB :: STS :: CONFIG ()
    The above shows that the Security Token Service feature is enabled in the Talend Runtime Container. The Fragment Bundle 204: Talend :: ESB :: STS :: CONFIG () provides the custom configuration about the Security Token Service, which will be described in Security Token Service Configuration.