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Talend offers different standard and custom policies that can be used within the Talend ESB.

The standard WS-Security policies are the following ones:

The custom policies are the following:

However, those policies are only available in the Talend Enterprise and Talend Platform products. They can be found under the add-ons\registry\policies directory of the Talend ESB delivery, and can be uploaded to the Service Registry via the Talend Administration Center Web User Interface, or via Service Registry commands directly from a Talend ESB Container (for more information, see Using the Service Registry with Talend ESB).

A set of default policy templates can be imported at once into the Talend Administration Center Service Registry by importing the add-ons\registry\policies\tesb_template_policies.xml file.

In addition to the Talend ESB system policies and the standard WS-Security policies supported by Talend ESB documented in the following sections, Talend ESB supports standard WS-Addressing policies. For more information on the WS-Addressing policies, please see the related standards.