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This section describes the different listeners available in Talend Event Logging feature of Talend ESB.

Talend ESB supports four default listeners:

Additionally, the customer can also create his own Custom Listeners.

From an architectural point, the listeners are tightly coupled with the Event Logging Agent and require the Event Logging Agent to work.

Nevertheless, each listener can be started and stopped individually, as there is a single OSGi Bundle per listener as described in Manual start/stop.

  • tesb:start-el-loglistener / tesb:stop-el-loglistener for the Log Listener.

  • tesb:start-el-osgilistener / tesb:stop-el-osgilistener for the OSGi Listener.

  • tesb:start-el-samlistener / tesb:stop-el-samlistener for the SAM Listener.

  • tesb:start-el-locatorlistener / tesb:stop-el-locatorlistener for the Locator Listener.

In addition to the above listeners, provided as part of the standard product container and feature, Custom Listeners which the user can implement using an Apache Camel Route (by using our RouteBuilder tooling, for example), are supported as long as:
  • the same Apache Camel version, as the one used in the container where the listener will be deployed, is used,

  • the direct-vm: component is used as producer with a fixed destination (route ID) eventloggingagent,

  • they are deployed on the same JVM or Talend Runtime Container as the Talend Event Logging Agent,

  • the Camel Exchange Header contains the log information in the related event properties structure (event-related camel exchange header properties) and the log message itself within the exchange body (plain text). The EventCategory is optional for the listener but it is recommended to be assigned and defined in the listener.