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The Event Logging Service can be used to query and read events from the Event Database, and only from the Event Database, and to post events via REST to the Event Logging Server.

The service will be implemented in Java and will provide a RESTful API as described in Event Logging Service API of Event Logging - API's and Data Structures.

The Retrieval Service can be configured via the org.talend.eventlogging.service.cfg file:

# Authentication method BASIC,NO
eventlogging.authentication = NO
eventlogging.retrieval.api.enabled = false

The database settings will be used from the Event Logging Server configuration. Therefore, the Event Logging Service and the Event Logging Server currently need to be co-located. The eventlogging.authentication can be used to define the authentication method for the RESTful service.

  • NO = no authentication

  • BASIC = HTTP Basic Authentication (plain text)

Additionally, via the standard container configuration, the Retrieval service can be made accessible via HTTP and/or HTTPS. The eventlogging.retrieval.api.enabled parameter can be used to enable or disable the access to the REST event retrieval APIs.