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Talend ESB Infrastructure Services Configuration Guide

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The service can use two different tools as a persistence layer. One is Apache Avro -based file storage. This storage is a default. Another, a more scalable persistence layer based on Apache Jackrabbit, supports Derby, MySQL, Oracle, Postgres and MS SQL Server as a backend. The configuration file of the auxiliary storage service is etc/org.talend.esb.auxiliary.server.cfg. This file contains settings for setting up persistence layer as well as path to the persistent repository. Here is an example of this file:

org.talend.esb.auxiliary.server.cfg configuration file

# Repository type  FILEStore,JCRStore = FILEStore
# Repository home directory = ${tesb.home}/esbrepo/callbackrepo

The security settings of the RESTful service, that provides access to the Auxilary storage, are configured in a separate configuration file: etc/ By default, the authentication is deactivated. configuration file

# Authentication method BASIC,SAML,NO = NO = file:${tesb.home}/etc/keystores/
security.signature.username = myservicekey
security.signature.password = skpass

The Jackrabbit storage configuration file is etc/org.talend.esb.auxiliary.repo.xml.

For more information about extending Jackrabbit for different backends, see Backend configuration.