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Talend ESB Infrastructure Services Configuration Guide

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Installation and Upgrade
Most Java Developers already use Nexus Open Source or Nexus Pro, therefore it will be the default Talend Artifact Repository to use with the Talend ESB.

If you are using Nexus Open Source or Nexus Pro, just follow the standard Nexus Java developer documentation for more information on how to upload artifacts to the Repository and how to manage them with the Nexus Web User Interface.

Talend Administration Center is a web-based application for administering all aspects of associated software, from collaborative work and the related code repository management, up to the remote deployment of production data services and routes. Talend Administration Center uses Artifact Repository to store and to provide the deployment of artifacts for the Talend Runtime Container, and their user interfaces are linked for ease of use.

Talend Administration Center is available only for Talend subscription products. For information on the Talend Administration Center, see the Talend Installation and Upgrade Guide and the Talend Administration Center User Guide.

For more information on the Talend Artifact Repository, see the Talend Installation and Upgrade Guide .

This chapter discusses Nexus configuration in Talend ESB for both the Talend Runtime provided with Talend Open Studio for ESB, and Talend ESB.

Note: Please note that Maven 3.0.3+ is required for the functionality described in this document.