Adding Authorization Decision Statements - 8.0

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The SAMLTokenProvider has a "List<AuthDecisionStatementProvider> authDecisionStatementProviders" property, which can be used to add AuthzDecisionStatements to the generated assertion. Each object in the list adds a single statement. The AuthDecisionStatementProvider contains a single method to return an AuthDecisionStatementBean given the TokenProviderParameters object. This contains a SubjectBean (for SAML 1.1 assertions), the decision (permit/indeterminate/deny), the resource URI, a list of ActionBeans, amongst other properties. No default implementation of the AuthDecisionStatementProvider interface is provided in the STS.

Note that for SAML 1.1 tokens, the Subject is embedded in one of the Statements. When creating a SAML 1.1 Assertion, if a given Authentication/Attribute/AuthzDecision statement does not have a subject, then the standalone Subject is inserted into the statement. Finally, once a SAML token has been created, it is stored in the cache (if one is configured), with a lifetime corresponding to that of the Conditions statement. A TokenProviderResponse object is created with the DOM representation of the SAML Token, the SAML Token ID, lifetime, entropy bytes, references, etc.