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An AppliesTo element contains an address that refers to the recipient of the issued token. If an AppliesTo element was sent as part of the request then the CXF STS requires that it be explicitly handled. This is done by the list of ServiceMBean objects that can be configured on AbstractOperation. The ServiceMBean interface represents a service, and has the following methods (among others):

  • boolean isAddressInEndpoints(String address) - Return true if the supplied address corresponds to a known address for this service.
  • void setEndpoints(List<String> endpoints) - Set the list of endpoint addresses that correspond to this service.

The STS ships with a single implementation of this interface, the StaticService. For the normal use-case of handling an AppliesTo element, the user creates a StaticService object and calls setEndpoints with a set of Strings that correspond to a list of regular expressions that match the allowable set of token recipients (by address). The TokenIssueOperation will extract the URL address from the EndpointReference child of the received AppliesTo element, and then iterate through the list of ServiceMBean objects and ask each one whether the given address is known to that ServiceMBean object. If an AppliesTo address is received, and no ServiceMBean is configured that can deal with that URL, then an exception is thrown.

The ServiceMBean also defines a number of optional configuration options, such as the default KeyType and TokenType Strings to use for that Service, if the client does not supply them. It also allows the user to set a custom EncryptionProperties object, which defines a set of acceptable encryption algorithms to use to encrypt issued tokens for that service.