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Take a look at the following test to see how batch processing works in practice. In this test, the client requests two tokens via the (batch) issue binding, a SAML 1.1 and a SAML 2.0 token. The client then validates both tokens at the same time using the batch validate binding. The STSClient class used by the WS-Security runtime in CXF does not currently support bulk processing. Therefore, the test uses a custom STSClient implementation for this purpose.

The WSDL the STS uses two separate bindings for issue and validate, to cater for the fact that two separate SOAP Actions must be used for bulk issue and validate for the same operation. The STS configuration is available here. Note that the TokenRequestCollectionOperation is composed with the TokenIssueOperation and TokenValidateOperation, to be able to bulk issue and validate security tokens:

   <property name="issueSingleOperation" ref="transportIssueDelegate">
   <property name="validateOperation" ref="transportValidateDelegate>