Configure a Conditions statement - 8.0

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The SAMLTokenProvider has a "ConditionsProvider conditionsProvider" property, which can be used to configure the generated Conditions statement which is added to the SAML Assertion. The ConditionsProvider has a method to return a ConditionsBean object, and a method to return a lifetime in seconds. The ConditionsBean holds properties such as the not-before and not-after dates, etc. The SAMLTokenProvider ships with a default ConditionsProvider implementation that is used to insert a Conditions statement in every SAML token that is generated. This implementation uses a default lifetime of 30 minutes, and set the Audience Restriction URI of the Conditions Statement to be the received "AppliesTo" address, which is obtained from the TokenProviderParameters object.

The DefaultConditionsProvider can be configured to change the lifetime of the issued token. If you want to remove the ConditionsProvider altogether from the generation assertion, or implement a custom Conditions statement, then you must implement an instance of the ConditionsProvider interface, and set it on the SAMLTokenProvider.