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Talend ESB STS User Guide

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  1. From the root jaxws-cxf-sts folder, run mvn clean install. If no errors, can then run mvn tomcat:deploy (or tomcat:undeploy or tomcat:redeploy on subsequent runs as appropriate), either from the same folder (to deploy the STS and WSP at the same time) or separately, one at a time, from the war and sts folders.
  2. Before proceeding to the next step, make sure you can view the following WSDLs: the CXF STS WSDL located at: http://localhost:8080/DoubleItSTS/X509?wsdl and the CXF WSP at http://localhost:8080/doubleit/services/doubleitUT?wsdl.
  3. Navigate to the client folder and run mvn clean install exec:exec. You should see the results of three web service calls, with the client using X.509 authentication with the STS to get the SAML Assertion.