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The KeyRequirements class holds a set of properties that have been extracted and parsed by RequestParser. These properties contain everything to do with key handling or creation. The properties that can be set by RequestParser are:

  • String authenticationType - An optional authentication type URI. This is currently not used in the STS.
  • String keyType - The desired KeyType URI.
  • long keySize - The requested KeySize to use when generating symmetric keys.
  • String signatureAlgorithm - The requested signature algorithm to use when signing an issued token.
  • String encryptionAlgorithm - The requested encryption algorithm to use when encrypting an issued token.
  • String c14nAlgorithm - The requested canonicalization algorithm to use when signing an issued token.
  • String computedKeyAlgorithm - The computed key algorithm to use when creating a symmetric key.
  • String keywrapAlgorithm - The requested KeyWrap algorithm to use when encrypting a symmetric key.
  • X509Certificate certificate - A certificate that has been extracted from a "UseKey" element, for use in the SAML case when a PublicKey KeyType URI is specified.
  • Entropy entropy - This object holds entropy information extracted from the client request for use in generating a symmetric key. Only BinarySecret elements are currently supported.