Running the JAX-WS CXF WS-Trust Sample from Talend ESB - 8.0

Talend ESB STS User Guide

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Talend ESB includes a jaxws-cxf-sts sample under the examples folder of the distribution. The STS and WSP portions of this example run on Apache Tomcat Version 7.

Note: If you would like to use Tomcat 6, as discussed in this sample's README file, some changes to this sample are needed:
  • In Tomcat 6's tomcat-users.xml file (discussed in the next section), instead of giving the tomcat user the "manager-script" and "manager-gui" roles, give him the Tomcat 6-specific "manager" role.
  • Use the -PTomcat6 setting when deploying either the STS or the Web Service Provider onto Tomcat

If not already done, configure Maven to be able to install and uninstall the WSP and the STS by following these instructions: