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CXF defines a SecurityToken class which encapsulates all relevant information about a successful authentication event in the security runtime (as defined above). In particular, it contains the following items (among others):

  • A String identifier of the token. This could be a SAML Assertion Id, the Identifier element of a SecurityContextToken, or the wsu:Id of a UsernameToken, etc.
  • The DOM Element that represents that security token.
  • Attached and Unattached reference elements for that token that might have been retrieved from an STS.
  • A byte[] secret associated with the token.
  • An expiration date after which the token is not valid.
  • A String TokenType that categorizes the token.
  • An X.509 Certificate associated with the token.
  • The principal associated with the token.
  • A hashcode that represents the security token (normally the hashcode of the underlying WSS4J object).
  • An identifier of another SecurityToken that represents a transformed version of this token.