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The AbstractOperation object must be configured with an STSPropertiesMBean object. This is an interface that encapsulates some configuration common to a number of different operations of the STS:

  • void configureProperties() - load and process the properties
  • void setCallbackHandler(CallbackHandler callbackHandler) - Set a CallbackHandler object. This is used in the TokenProviders/TokenValidators to retrieve passwords for various purposes.
  • void setSignatureCrypto(Crypto signatureCrypto) - Set a WSS4J Crypto object to use to sign tokens, or validate signed requests, etc.
  • void setSignatureUsername(String signatureUsername) - Set the default signature username to use (e.g. corresponding to a keystore alias)
  • void setEncryptionCrypto(Crypto encryptionCrypto) - Set a WSS4J Crypto object to use to encrypt issued tokens.
  • void setEncryptionUsername(String encryptionUsername) - Set the default encryption username to use (e.g. corresponding to a keystore alias)
  • void setIssuer(String issuer) - Set the default issuer name of the STS
  • void setSignatureProperties(SignatureProperties signatureProperties) - Set the SignatureProperties object corresponding to the STS.
  • void setRealmParser(RealmParser realmParser) - Set the object used to define what realm a request is in.
  • void setIdentityMapper(IdentityMapper identityMapper) - Set the object used to map identities across realms.

The STS ships with a single implementation of the STSPropertiesMBean interface - StaticSTSProperties. This class has two additional methods:

  • void setSignaturePropertiesFile(String signaturePropertiesFile)
  • void setEncryptionPropertiesFile(String encryptionPropertiesFile)

If no Crypto objects are supplied to StaticSTSProperties, then it will try to locate a properties file using these values, and create a WSS4J Crypto object internally from the properties that are parsed.