Configuring tHiveConnection - Cloud - 8.0


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  1. Double-click tHiveConnection to open its Component view.
  2. From the Property type list, select Built-in. If you have created the connection to be used in Repository, then select Repository, click the button to open the Repository content dialog box and select that connection. This way, Talend Studio will reuse that set of connection information for this Job.
    For further information about how to create a Hadoop connection in Repository, see Centralizing Hadoop connections.
  3. In the Version area, select the Hadoop distribution to be used and its version. If you cannot find from the list the distribution corresponding to yours, select Custom so as to connect to a Hadoop distribution not officially supported in Talend Studio.
    For a step-by-step example about how to use this Custom option, see connecting-to-a-custom-hadoop-distribution_standard_component_depending_t.html.
  4. In the Connection area, enter the connection parameters to the Hive database to be used.
  5. In the Name node field, enter the location of the master node, the NameNode, of the distribution to be used. For example, talend-hdp-all:50300. If you are using WebHDFS, the location should be webhdfs://masternode:portnumber; WebHDFS with SSL is not supported yet.
  6. In the Job tracker field, enter the location of the JobTracker of your distribution. For example, hdfs://talend-hdp-all:8020.
    Note that the notion Job in this term JobTracker designates the MR or the MapReduce jobs described in Apache's documentation on