Change the default password used to configure the database - 8.0

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Installation and Upgrade

After the first connection, it is strongly recommended not to use the default user account to access the application for security reasons. You can either change the default credentials of this account ( or create another administrator user and remove the default account. This account has only the role Security Administrator. Its type is No Project Access so it does not count in the license.

About this task

You can also follow these steps if you are unable to login to the database configuration page of Talend Administration Center.


  1. Stop your Talend Administration Center instance.
  2. Scroll down the file until you find the database.config.password parameter.
  3. Change the admin default password to a more individual and secure password, in plain text.
  4. Save the file.
  5. Restart your Talend Administration Center instance using the new password.