Configuring session data storage for Talend Identity and Access Management - 8.0

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Installation and Upgrade
Configure Talend Identity and Access Management to share session data between different instances.

Before you begin


  1. Open the <InstallationPath>/iam/apache-tomcat/bin/ file.
  2. To set the SPRING_SESSION_STORE_TYPE environment variable and specify the backend for storing session data, add the following line:
  3. Set the SPRING_DATA_MONGODB_URI environment variable to the connection string of your MongoDB instances, using the following syntax:
    export SPRING_DATA_MONGODB_URI=mongodb://<username>:<password>@<mongo-host1>:<mongo-port1>,<mongo-host2>:<mongo-port2>,...,<mongo-hostN>:<mongo-portN>/<database-name>
    The components of the URI are:
    Component Description
    mongodb:// This prefix is required.


    Optional: The client will attempt to log in to the database using these authentication credentials after connecting to the MongoDB instances.
    mongo-host Server address (hostname or IP address) to connect to.
    mongo-port The default value is 27017.
    database-name The name of the database for session data storage.

    If you configured MongoDB in cluster mode, <mongo-host1> is the name of the first host in the cluster, using <mongo-port1>, and so on.


    To describe a connection to a MongoDB database named sessions hosted on with the port number 27017, add the following line:
    export SPRING_DATA_MONGODB_URI=mongodb://
  4. Start Talend Identity and Access Management.

What to do next

Start your Talend application and login.

Access the database created for session data storage in MongoDB. The database contains the current session data.