Configuring stats and trace message transfer for Talend JobServer - 8.0

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You can specify a port through which the Talend Studio fetches the latest stats and trace messages from the Talend JobServer for Jobs being executed remotely.


  1. Go to the directory <root>/conf/, where <root> is the Talend JobServer path, and open the file to edit it.
  2. In the line dedicated to the configuration of the message transfer port, specify a port number.

    The default port is 8555. You can specify any port that is available in the system.

  3. To enable stats and trace message transfer, set the following parameter to true.

    If the Talend JobServer is deployed on the same machine with the Talend Studio, you can set this parameter to false to disable the service and save your port resources.

  4. Save your changes and restart the Talend JobServer so that the configuration takes effect.