Disk space requirements - 8.0

Talend Big Data Installation Guide for Linux

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Installation and Upgrade
Product Client or Server Required disk space for installation Required disk space for use
Talend Administration Center with Talend Artifact Repository Server 800MB 800MB minimum + project size = 20GB+ recommended
Talend Identity and Access Management Server 1GB 1+GB recommended
Talend JobServer Server 12MB 2GB minimum + project size = 20 GB+ recommended
Talend Studio Client 3GB 3GB+ recommended

Talend Runtime

Server 1.7GB+ 2GB+ recommended for JobServer if embedded JobServer is used to run Jobs
Talend Data Preparation Server 300MB 1GB+ datasets size2
Talend SAP RFC Server Server 100MB 1GB – 2GB recommended
Talend Data Stewardship Server 3GB 100 MB3
Talend Dictionary Service Server 1GB 1GB+ recommended

2 These requirements do not take the MongoDB metadata size into account.

3 Recommended for a campaign that counts 50,000 tasks, each task having 50 attributes.