Install Talend JobServer as a service on OpenSuse - 8.0

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Installation and Upgrade

Before you begin

The following procedure needs to be performed with root privileges.


  1. Make sure that the three scripts jobserver_start, jobserver_stop and jobserver are executable.
  2. Copy usr/bin/jobserver_start and usr/bin/jobserver_stop into /usr/bin/.
  3. Copy etc/ini.d/jobserver in /etc/init.d/.
  4. Edit the configuration file etc/sysconfig/jobserver and set the path to your installation directory.
  5. Copy this file into /etc/sysconfig/.
  6. Execute the following command to create a link called rcjobserver:
    ln -s /etc/init.d/jobserver /usr/sbin/rcjobserver
  7. To start or stop Talend JobServer manually, use:
    rcjobserver start
    rcjobserver stop
  8. Install the service using:
    Yast > System > System Services
  9. Type in:
    chkconfig -e jobserver
  10. Set the variable to ON
  11. Run SuSEconfig.
    Note: The Talend JobServer installation path can be edited through Yast > /etc/sysconfig Editor in Applications/Talend.