Setting up Talend Administration Center Single Sign-On (SSO) - 8.0

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You have the possibility to implement a unified sign-on and authentication to access Talend Administration Center through different Identity provider systems (IdP) and to manage the roles and project types of the application users.

Note: The SSO feature is not available for applications connecting to Talend Administration Center. The applications like Talend MDM, Talend Data Preparation, Talend Data Stewardship, and Talend Dictionary Service do not have SSO. The SSO feature is available for Talend Cloud applications connecting to Talend Management Console.


  1. Enable SSO for Talend Administration Center during installation, either via Talend Installer or from a configuration file, see Enabling Single-Sign On for Talend Administration Center.
  2. Set up SSO and user roles and project types from your Identity Provider system.
  3. If you are connecting Talend Administration Center with the Talend Identity and Access Management, in the <installation_path>/iam/apache-tomcat/conf/ file, set the value for the below parameters to the username and the password of the user with the role Security Administrator in Talend Administration Center:
    Note: Whenever you change your Talend Administration Center password, make sure to replace your old password with the new one in the file here.
  4. (Optional) You can create an "emergency user" in Talend Administration Center in case your Identity Provider is temporarily unavailable, see Defining an emergency user for Talend Administration Center.


Setting up SSO in your Identity Provider system allows users to access all their applications, including Talend Administration Center, by signing in one time for all services. If a user tries to sign in to Talend Administration Center when SSO is set up, he or she is redirected to the SSO sign-in page.