Talend Installer specific prerequisites - 8.0

Talend Big Data Installation Guide for Linux

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Installation and Upgrade

Prior to launching the Talend Installer, check that:

  • you have downloaded a Talend-Tools-Installer-YYYYYYYY_YYYY-VA.B.C-installer.zip holding a folder.

    In the folder that you will extract, you will find a dist file and executable files corresponding to the supported operating systems.

    Use Talend-Tools-Installer-YYYYYYYY_YYYY-V-A.B.C-linux-x64-installer.run.

    In the file name, YYYYYYYY_YYYY is the timestamp and A.B.C is the revision level (Major.Minor.Patch).

    The dist file is only required to install Talend products. Once the installation and configuration is complete, you can remove it.

  • JRE 1.8.0 or higher is installed on the machine on which you want to install the Talend modules.

    Note: With JRE, make sure the jvm.dll file is located in your JRE directory under the bin\server\ folder.
  • to enable Talend Installer graphical installation mode with CentOS 8, before launching the Installer as a root user, use the command xhost local:root as a regular user.

A umask value of 022 is required during installation. Other umask values are not supported.

Note that Talend Installer does not support the sdshell utility.


Talend Installer allows you to get out-of-the-box Talend solutions that do not require any manual installation. However, these solutions are not provided in a production-ready environment as they may require additional configurations or optimizations according to your specific needs.

For example, you may want to change the MySQL database that is embedded by default in Talend Administration Center with your own database (PostgreSQL or Oracle for example). If you do this, you need to install the driver for the relevant database. For more information, see Installing database drivers in your Web application server.

Note: Talend Installer is used only for first installations of Talend solutions. Therefore, if you want to know more about the migration and upgrade processes, please refer to the migration procedures.