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Data Fabric

The Artifact Repository gray circle represents the artifact repository that stores all the:
  • Software Updates available for download.
  • Routes and Services that are published from Talend Studio and are ready to be deployed and executed in Talend Runtime.
The TALEND EXECUTION SERVERS block represents the execution servers that run technical processes according to the execution scheduling set up in the Talend Administration Center Web application. Those execution servers can be of:
  • One or more Talend Runtimes (execution container) deployed inside your information system. The Talend Runtime deploys and executes the technical processes according to the set up defined in the Talend Administration Center Web application. Those processes are Jobs built from Talend Studio and centralized on the Git server, Routes, and Services retrieved from the artifact repository.

    If you have several Talend Runtime on which to deploy the Service and Route artifacts, you will be able to load balance their execution according to your needs. All instances of Talend Runtime will communicate between each other via the Service Locator to identify the one more likely to deploy and execute the artifacts set to deployment in Talend Administration Center. The Talend Runtime elected for the deployment will request for the artifacts to deploy and execute from the artifact repository and the artifact repository will thus send the artifacts requested along with all the dependencies needed for its/their execution to the Talend Runtime, that will deploy and execute it/them.

  • One or more Talend JobServer deployed inside your information system that run technical processes (Jobs) according to scheduled time, date, or event set in the Talend Administration Center Web application.

    The end-user can transfer technical processes to a remote execution server directly from Talend Studio (distant run).


    You must install the Talend JobServer files ("Agent"), delivered by Talend, on each of the execution servers to become operational.

    For more information, see Installing and configuring your Talend JobServer.