Enabling remote JMX access in Talend Runtime - 8.0

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For security reasons, remote access to the Talend Runtime Container is restricted. By default, remote JMX access and SSH access is only possible from localhost (IP address and the Talend Administration Center can not connect to the Talend Runtime on a different host.

In order for the Talend Runtime to be accessible to the Talend Administration Center, remote JMX access must be enabled. This can be done in one of the following ways.


  1. Edit the <RuntimeContainerPath>/etc/org.apache.karaf.management.cfg file and set the following values.
    rmiRegistryHost =
    rmiServerHost =
  2. Set the following OS environment variables before starting the Talend Runtime (or set them in the setenv.sh file):
    You can set the values of rmiRegistryHost and rmiServerHost to either or Any other value like hostname or IP address of the network interface does not work.
    • Access succeeds through localhost ( and remote network interfaces. In Talend Administration Center, setting the value of the host to either localhost or only works for the Talend Runtime on the same host. If the value of the Host field is set to the hostname or IP address of the host, then it can be accessed locally or remotely.
    • Access succeeds only through localhost ( for the Talend Runtime on the same host as Talend Administration Center. In Talend Administration Center, the value of the host must be localhost or The hostname or remote IP address does not work as access is restricted to localhost.