Key differences between Staging Area and master database - 8.0

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Data Fabric

MDM Platform

There are relatively few differences between the database schema of the master database and the Staging Area.



No Foreign Key relations

In the Staging Area, all Foreign Key relations are disabled. This is to allow users to load data without taking into account the relationships between entities.

Additional column for source

In the Staging Area, the database schema has an additional text column where MDM users can provide details about the origin of the record. This column is free-form and is not mandatory.

For example, when loading data in the Staging Area, a user may indicate that records with the ID 1 come from SAP and the records with the ID 2 come from another legacy system.

Additional column for status

In the Staging Area, this column is used to store actions carried out by MDM on the staging record. The column contains a code:
  • 000 or null means "new record".

  • 2nn values (200, 201...) mean the record successfully passed a step of record validation.

  • 4nn values (400, 401...) mean the record failed to pass a step of record validation.