Managing database search modes - 8.0

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Data Fabric

MDM Platform

In Talend MDM, the master data records can be stored in a SQL database, and a second SQL storage also exists which serves as the Staging Area for the master database. For more information, see Working with a Staging Area.

Searches in the master database support both full text search and standard SQL search, while searches in the staging database only support standard SQL search.

Standard SQL search considers the search content as an integrate phrase to be matched, while full text search interprets the search content as a phrase which contains multiple words, and the records that match any of the words will be returned. For example, if the search content is test first name, full text search considers it as three independent words test, first, and name, while standard SQL search considers it as one phrase test first name.

By default, the full text search mode is used for searches in the master database.

If needed, you can change the default settings in the file <$INSTALLDIR>/conf/datasources.xml to optimize the master database searches.


  1. Open the file <$INSTALLDIR>/conf/datasources.xml.
  2. Add the contains-optimization option with the value like following the fulltext-index-directory option.
    For example:
    The value for the contains-optimization option can be:




    This is the default value when no full-text indexes are set. In this case, the standard SQL search mode is used for searches in the master database.


    With this value set, an exception will be thrown if MDM encounters a condition with a CONTAINS.


    This is the default value when full-text indexes are available. In this case, the full text search mode is used for searches in the master database.

    If the contains-optimization option is set to fulltext, the MDM server will perform case insensitive searches no matter what the value of case-sensitive-search is. For more information, see Managing the case-sensitivity in database searches.

  3. Save your changes.