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If you want to use the Talend Activity Monitoring Console, an <AMC> log database must be created, which can be installed on any server. This <AMC> database will initially be empty. Its name may be modified, but you must take into account this modification in the rest of this document.

The <AMC> database will contain three tables that collect data allowing users to monitor Jobs. The three tables will collect data from the following components:

  • tFlowMeterCatcher
  • tLogCatcher
  • tStatCatcher

Instructions on how to create these tables and their structure is provided in the Talend Activity Monitoring Console User Guide.

A corresponding SQL user must be created and thus mapped to have access to this database. This user should be granted the "create" and "update" rights.

Available in:

Data Fabric

Data Services Platform


MDM Platform

Real-Time Big Data Platform

Important: The installation of the <AMC> database is optional for the solutions that only hold the ESB option, and is only required when using the tFlowMeterCatcher, tLogCatcher and tStatCatcher components. These components can be used in Jobs (for example, ESB Consumer Jobs with tESBConsumer) for REST and Soap ESB Service Providers. Only the tLogCatcher component is supported for now and Routes currently can not use these components.