Supported Hive distributions for profiling data - 8.0

Talend Real-Time Big Data Platform Installation Guide for Mac

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Installation and Upgrade

The table below shows the compatibility between big data distributions and the HiveServer.

Note: The Hive embedded mode is available for test purposes for Hadoop developers. When in embedded mode, the studio may not run correctly.
Big data distribution HiveServer 1 HiveServer2
HortonWorks HDP 3.1 - Standalone
Cloudera 1 CDH 6.x - Standalone
CDP Private Cloud Base 7.x - Standalone
Apache Apache 1.0.0 (Hive 0.9.0) Embedded and Standalone -
Apache 0.20.23 (Hive 0.7.1) Standalone -
Pivotal HD Pivotal HD 1.0.1 (deprecated) Standalone -
Pivotal HD 2.0 (deprecated) Embedded (Linux only) and Standalone Embedded (Linux only) and Standalone (Linux only)

1 Kerberos authentication is supported.