Job execution flowchart of release and cleanup - 8.0

Job execution: flowchart of release and cleanup

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This section describes the Job execution workflow in Talend JobServer. It is a two-stage operation: first the release, then the actual cleanup.

Talend JobServer internally registers Job executions. An internal component called JobsManager maintains information about Jobs and their executions.

This information has an impact on the availability of:
  • the execution status,
  • an existing Job deployment (it may be cleaned up),
  • execution logs.

The following diagram shows what happens when a Job execution starts:

A counter called executionsCount is incremented. As soon as it exceeds the manageReleasingFrequency configurable value (which defaults to 50), the counter checks if the release of any Job execution is possible. executionsCount is a global count and is not restricted to the specific Job. If possible, the execution is released in the JobsManager.

When executionsCount exceeds manageReleasingFrequency, it is reset to 0. executionsCount counter is reset when Talend JobServer is restarted.