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In this scenario, tFileInputJSON retrieves data of the friends node from the JSON file facebook.json on the Web that contains the data of a Facebook user and tExtractJSONFields extracts the data from the friends node for flat data output.

For more technologies supported by Talend, see Talend components.

The JSON file facebook.json is deployed on the Tomcat server, specifically, located in the folder <tomcat path>/webapps/docs, and the content of the file is as follows:

{"user": {
    "id": "9999912398",
    "name": "Kelly Clarkson",
    "friends": [
            "name": "Tom Cruise",
            "id": "55555555555555",
            "likes": {"data": [
                    "category": "Movie",
                    "name": "The Shawshank Redemption",
                    "id": "103636093053996",
                    "created_time": "2012-11-20T15:52:07+0000"
                    "category": "Community",
                    "name": "Positiveretribution",
                    "id": "471389562899413",
                    "created_time": "2012-12-16T21:13:26+0000"
            "name": "Tom Hanks",
            "id": "88888888888888",
            "likes": {"data": [
                    "category": "Journalist",
                    "name": "Janelle Wang",
                    "id": "136009823148851",
                    "created_time": "2013-01-01T08:22:17+0000"
                    "category": "Tv show",
                    "name": "Now With Alex Wagner",
                    "id": "305948749433410",
                    "created_time": "2012-11-20T06:14:10+0000"