Configuring basic settings of tMDMInput to read master data from MDM - Cloud - 8.0

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  1. Double-click tMDMInput to open the Basic settings view.
  2. In the Property Type list, select Built-In.
  3. In the Schema list, select Built-In and click the ... button next to Edit schema to open a dialog box and define the structure of the master data you want to read from the Talend MDM Server
    In this example, three columns are defined to fetch three elements from the Product entity: Name, Price, and Colors.
  4. After you have defined the schema, click OK to close this dialog box, and then click Yes in the Propagate dialog box to propagate the schema changes to tLogRow.
  5. Enter the user name and password for accessing the Talend MDM Server.
  6. In the Entity field, enter Product between quotes.
  7. In the Data Container field, enter Product between quotes.
  8. Select Master from the Type list.
  9. Define the query conditions in the Operations area.
    In this example, we want to query the product data records whose names include Shirt.
    1. Click the [+] button to add a row.
    2. Enter Product/Name between quotes in the Xpath field.
      Apart from elements defined in entities, you can query metadata elements which are also known as built-in elements. To query metadata elements from records in master database, you need to follow the format of metadata:<timestamp|task_id> when defining the path expression to select the XML node to run the query on.
    3. Select Contains from the Function list.
    4. Enter Shirt between quotes in the Value field.