Accessing the Talend MDM Web UI - 8.0

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Do the following to access the Talend MDM Web UI.


  1. In a web browser, enter the URL for your MDM Server.
    For example, http://localhost:8180/talendmdm/ui.
  2. On the authentication page, enter the default administrator user name and password, administrator/administrator, and then click the Login button.

    The Welcome Page opens. If your MDM role includes a data stewardship role, alerts about newly-assigned Talend Data Stewardship tasks will be shown on the Welcome page, since you have configured Talend Data Stewardship with Talend MDM. Otherwise, the alerts say that no tasks are assigned, which is the case in this example.

  3. In the Domain Configuration area, select the data container and data model you want to work with, Customer in this example, and click Save.