Building a simple project in Talend Studio - 8.0

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The beginning of any MDM project involves setting up a data model, and creating business entities in this data model.


  1. In Talend Studio, create a data model Customer and its corresponding data container Customer.

    For more information about how to create a data model, see the Talend Studio User Guide.

  2. Add a new entity Customer in the Customer data model.
  3. Add elements to the Customer entity.
    In this example, the detailed information of a customer is added, for example, lname, fname, city, and gender.
  4. Create a view Customer for the Customer entity, which you can use to interact with the data from Talend MDM Web UI.
    Next, you need to create and define a match rule, attach the match rule to the data model, and then verify that the match rule works well from Talend MDM Web UI.