Theory into practice: Using Integrated Matching to reconciliate customer data - 8.0

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This appendix describes an end-to-end scenario to demonstrate the Integrated Matching feature using Talend Data Stewardship integrated with Talend MDM.

Talend Data Stewardship can be integrated with Talend MDM to perform the integrated matching tasks. In this scenario, Talend Data Stewardship is used to handle the merging tasks generated during the integrated matching process.

For more information about data transfer between Talend MDM and Talend Data Stewardship, see Data transfer between Talend MDM and Talend Data Stewardship.

For more information about how to handle merging tasks created by integrated matching, see Talend Data Stewardship Examples.

Assume in a real-life project, a company has some customer information gathered from different sources. To reconciliate the customer data, you can design a match rule to ensure that the customer data with similar first names and last names are matched and merged into consolidated customer data (golden records) to be stored in the master database of the company.