Filtering which records to validate - 8.0

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You can validate all pending records at the same time, or filter which records to validate in order to process only a subset of all pending records. When filtering records, you can filter on Entity, Status or Date/Time, or any combination of these three.

About this task

To filter records when performing the validation process, do the following.


  1. In the Status area of the Staging Area page, select the With filtering checkbox and then click Start validation.
    The filtering window opens.


  2. To perform the validation process only for those records related to a specific entity or entities, select the corresponding check box(es) in the Entity column.
    One or more entities that have foreign key relationships with the selected entity or entities are displayed in the corresponding Dependencies column.
  3. To perform the validation process only for records with a particular status, click Selected statuses, and then select the checkbox or checkboxes for the status concerned.


  4. To perform the validation process only for records from a certain time frame, click the time frame which corresponds to your choice in the Date/Time Filter section (Today, Yesterday, Last Week or Last Month), or click Custom to specify a particular date range.
  5. Once you have specified the filter criteria to use, click OK to launch the validation process.